Donations received in memory of Randy Marriner are used to create a sustainable Post Secondary Education Bursary Fund. Funds are held and managed by the Perth & District Community Foundation.


§ Student must have been served by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lanark County through one of our mentorship programs.

§ Student must have applied for post secondary education and be able to provide proof of acceptance.

§ Recipient must be a first year student, just entering post secondary.

To be considered for this bursary, each applicant must submit a written letter outlining their eligibility, their goals for college or university, and why they are a suitable candidate to receive such an award. All written applications must be submitted by May 1st of the year in which the student commences their studies.

Students chosen will receive the bursary at their commencement ceremony.

Please contact Cliff Woods at 613-283-0570 for more information.