A letter from Beth Sinclair, Resource Development Manager

Big Brothers Big Sisters supported a local student during a very challenging time. Here’s her amazing story which is best characterized by 2 key words, “resilience” and “sparkle”

Recently after presenting at Eaton Electric in Perth, a father came up to me to share about the positive impact Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) had on his daughter, Emlyn’s, life.  He shared that after Emlyn’s mother tragically passed away in a car accident a few years ago, BBBS’ After School Program was a safe, fun place for his daughter to interact with peers. He said it was one of the first activities that his daughter wanted to return to after the loss of her mother.

I was touched by the father’s story of his daughter’s resilience and I asked if I could share his daughter’s/family’s story with you this holiday season. He agreed.

April, Agency Promoter and a volunteer at Emlyn’s After School Program, offered to talk with Emlyn and learn from her why she enjoys the program. Emlyn shared with April, that the After School Program has given her a place that makes her feel, “happy!”

When Emlyn was asked, “What do you look forward to the most about the After School Program?”  Emlyn took a while to answer and then said, “I can’t pick just one thing! There’s too many fun games to pick just one.”  It’s clear that the After School Program provides Emlyn a place to be happy and have fun with other classmates at school. April says, “It’s a place where she can share with the other students and the mentors her ‘onion’, a negative part of her day or week, and of course her ‘apple’ something she is happy about or something good that has happened in her life lately…”.

The After School Program mentors have created a supportive and encouraging place for Emlyn and the other children in the program. Emlyn says the mentors always say things like, “It’s okay! You can always try again or just try your best!”  She explained that she feels the mentors are people she could talk to if she was upset about something whether it was in the program or not.  

When April asked Emlyn what she appreciates or likes the most about the After School Program, Emlyn stated, “How fun it is!  We always play lots of fun games and we laugh…A LOT!”.

BBBSLC’s mentors appreciate Emlyn and the gift she is to the After School Program. April shares, “Emlyn is always seen at program smiling, laughing or trying her best to win whichever game we are playing.  Emlyn is supportive of her friends and such a great listener! ”. Angie, After School Coordinator, said “Emlyn sparkles. She is the kind of girl you would want your children to be friends with”.

This year, please give the gift of non-conditional adult friendship, one of the greatest gifts we can give a child. We invite you to make a lasting impact on a child’s life, like Emlyn’s, by investing in your community through a donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lanark County. The money you give to BBBSLC will be used to provide more children like Emlyn with life changing mentoring relationships.

Warmest Regards,


Beth Sinclair

Resource Development Manager

P.S. All gifts are tax deductible!